Successful Projects

At the Saudi Biochar Research Group, we take pride in our commitment to innovative research and sustainability. Over the years, we’ve successfully undertaken and completed 16 groundbreaking projects that have left a lasting impact on arid lands, soil health, and environmental conservation.
From transforming organic waste into valuable Biochar solutions to pioneering climate change mitigation strategies, our projects stand as beacons of innovation and dedication. Each success story represents a step toward a greener, more sustainable future.
Explore our successful projects and discover how we’re making a difference, one project at a time.”

Some Success Stories

Date palm biochar showed reduced metal concentration in plants and increased wheat growth by more than 70%
Applying olive mill waste derived biochar increased the Ammonium Acetate (NH4OAc)-extractable K by 9- fold
Jujube leaf biochar resulted in a 150% increase in shoot length, while dry biomass was increased by 250% .
Date palm leaflets biochar increased lettuce growth 51%, and dry biomass by 114%
Date palm biochar modified with silica and enriched with nutrients resulted in 38%, 69%, and 59% increase in P, NO3− and NH4+ availability, respectively .
Date palm-derived Biochar was enriched with P increased maize growth by 2-3 fold in contaminated mining area soil

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